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  1. UBot Studio has developed into one of the strongest brands in marketing automation, with literally thousands of satisfied customers and fans. We have also been endorsed by many industry publications and affiliate networks (including C2M). We are still small enough that many have not heard of us–and when people find out about UBot Studio, they are EXCITED.”I can’t believe this isn’t on the shelves at Best Buy,” someone told us last week. Not yet – but we are expanding quickly thanks to word of mouth and constant development, so sign up to promote now and be the one to introduce us to your friends and clients.When you promote UBot Studio, you can be confident that you are recommending a product which is an excellent value for money.
  2. Tiered Commissions
    : Receive up to 60% per sale, which can be over $300 from a single sale. Our top affiliates regularly reach that level, and we work hard to maximize your earning potential. Here is a breakdown of payout:

    Monthly Sales 

        Commission Earned

    Less Than 5 Sales     20% Per Sale
    Between 6 and 25     30% Per Sale
    Between 26 and 75     40% Per Sale
    Between 76 and 100     50% Per Sale
    More Than 100     60% Per Sale
  3. Higher Conversions
    : We understand the time and effort required to send us traffic. Let us assure you that we work hard to optimize our website, landing pages and other marketing material to maximize the conversion rate for you. We are also available to work with you on improving conversions via customized landing pages and promotions!
  4. We value your partnership!
    We will be there to support you at every step of the way. Jason is a full-time marketing expert and will work directly with you to promote this valuable software to your clients. Just sign-up to meet him!
  5. Marketing Support
    : Our objective is to make it easy for you to promote UBot Studio. We constantly work hard to provide you with highly effective marketing material that you can use.


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How Exactly Does This Work?

When you become an affiliate, we will provide you with special links to promote UBot Studio. Every time someone clicks on your affiliate link, we will set a cookie on that person’s computer which will help us identify that you referred him or her.

Whenever that person buys a license of UBot Studio, we will read the cookie and credit your account with your earned commission.

What Promotion Methods Can I Use?

We accept all traffic sources that are legitimate and compliant with laws – SEO, PPC, Media Buys, Social Media, Blogs, Mailing etc.

Also, when you compile your UBot Studio bots, you can have your affiliate link included in it. From our experience, this method of promotion is highly effective and converts very well.

We can also create discount coupons (with affiliate tracking) and arrange special incentives for your traffic. Please contact us to discuss your marketing plan and how we can assist you with it.

Do note – We do reserve the right to terminate and not pay affiliates who indulge in fraud. When in doubt, contact us to check if your marketing methods are compliant with our policies.

Do I Qualify to Join?

We have automated application approval based on certain specific criteria. Once you fill the application form, you will instantly find out if it has been approved.

When Do I Get Paid?

We pay on a Net-30 basis. What this means is that we will pay you 30 days after a sale is credited to your account, which is done at the end of every month. This time delay is due to potential refunds during money-back guarantee period and management logistics.

How Will I Get Paid?

You can choose to get paid with PayPal, Check or Wire Transfer.
Please note that additional bank-charges may apply for wire transfer or checks. PayPal is paid using Mass Pay (i.e. no charges for you).

I Have Another Question…

Feel free to ask us any question you may have – we are here to help you. Just send us a message at

Great! How Do I Get Started?

Easy! Just fill this form and you are all set to rock ‘n roll.

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