We've done everything we can to make UBot Studio as easy to learn as possible. Now it's up to you. Make an investment into yourself. Start small with a few hours of training and watch as your potential unfolds.

- Seth Turin

Video Training in Ten Minutes or Less!

Watch these bite-sized sessions once you've made your purchase. You'll simply walk through the concepts of automation and how to implement it in UBot Studio.

Featuress Item TbbSample Scripts and Bot Templates

Don't start from scratch ! Here are several useful pre-made automation solutions for you. More are available in our Bot Bank (inside the software) and the forum.

UBot Studio Wiki Page

Visit the UBot Studio Wiki for frequently updated information on UBot Studio commands, features, and ideas for use! Then, visit the Playground to test out these commands and functions!

Join our community

Our forum is full of members just like you who are waiting and ready to help guide you on the path to automating your business. We'd love to have you become part of the team!

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We offer world-class support in everything from automation ideas to bot-building. Just let us know what you need and our team will respond ASAP with a solution.

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